This is a website of EUCULT MANAGEMENT VET project financed by Erasmus plus programme on 2019

Vocational work based learning activities towards an effective management of European cultural and touristic heritage (EUCULTMANAGEMENT)

The present project approved on August 2019 is an ERASMUS PLUS VET one addressed to the sector of “Management of cultural services” understood as the conservation, promotion and protection of cultural, landscape and tourist heritage. The project therefore has a sectoral approach, but intends to offer training opportunities abroad to students of the Institutes that are part of the National Mobility Consortium, strengthening and leveraging on some specific professional skills that come out of the specific fields of study, developing at the same time the so-called Life Skills with respect to the aforementioned sector.

The proposal stems from the fact that this sector in Europe and especially in our country, certainly represents an employment area of considerable importance and one of the main resources in many places and territories, currently and always in continuous evolution. Today more than ever, in order to be competitive in the sector and to carry out effective employment policies, it is necessary to enhance the cultural heritage of a territory in an integrated system, putting on the field human resources from different training contexts. In this context, public and private institutions are the primary actors in the commitment to the enhancement of their territory.


This is a KA 102 ERASMUS PLUS project addressed to involve 29 students, secondary schools:

  • Istituto Pischedda – BOSA
  • Istituto Einaudi – Roma
  • Istituto Meloni – Oristano
  • Istituto Mossa – Oristano
  • Istituto Liceo Mamiani – Roma
  • Istituto Costa Azara- Desulo e Sorgono



Berlino from 20 April 2020 till to 11 May 2020

Malaga from 12 September 2020 to 3 October 2020


Responsabile Progetto

Ines Caloisi (

Responsabile Amministrativo

Maria Toledo (