A difficult and laborious project coming to an end

EU CULT MANAGEMENT is a project, financed in 2019, managed by TNC ASSOCIAZIONE which was stopped by the pandemic in 2020 and was able to realise its mobility in 2021, its deadline being 31/12/2021.
The project has encountered several difficulties, at the end of the selection process, with destination Berlin, the project was interrupted due to the blocking of flights and the outbreak of the covid19 virus, then problems with Easyjet, which has not so far returned the cost of airline tickets purchased, despite multiple requests, then several online meetings with schools, most of them give up and only the schools of Oristano (Istituto Mossa) and Bosa (Istituto Pischedda) remain, 31 students participate, departure updated to November 2021, destination Malaga.
Organisational difficulties in getting to Malaga, then resolved for new open flights at a time when it seemed that the pandemic was decreasing.
Selections distributed, covid insurance, CV, accommodation in families, teacher selected and departure on November 22, 2021, even here various problems with schools, teacher, students on the contrary always positive and satisfied.

Practical observations, the work for these projects is complex, we will continue to collaborate and write Youth projects but no longer in the VET area, schools are often oriented to see the glass half empty and not to understand the enormous work that is behind these projects, complex the way to record the activities in the face of agreements, vademecum and guidelines issued by the Commission and the National Agency, always complex and constantly evolving.
Overlapping concerns and responsibilities involving a large number of people put everyone under a magnifying glass.
Two positive notes: 1. There has never been a lack of constant support from the national agency which, aware of the period, has always helped us to resolve any difficulties;
2) We are left with the personal knowledge that we have given an opportunity to the young people of tomorrow, and that we have contributed in our own microcosm to providing a stimulus for young people to really have future opportunities and build a more aware society. Having taken stock of the work done, however, it is not worth it. We will therefore turn to activities that put young people directly in the front line, without the support of schools, so that they can take the initiative and be an active part of their own future.

Ines Caloisi
TNC President

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