Our hosting partners are TRIBEKA (MALAGA): and BERLINK (BERLINO) :

Unfortunately due to covid the mobility in Berlin has been replaced only with Malaga. 

The mobility started 22 November 2021 and closed 13 December 2021

The projects closes on 31 December 2021


The SMART CITIES are so-called “intelligent cities” (the acronym SMART: Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time-related”) because they respect a set of elements that tend to optimize and strategically both from the urban and architectural point of view, both of digital technology and of sustainable resources in an action of innovation of a series of services to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants.

At the European Tourism Forum in Helsinki, organized by the European Commission, the cities of Malaga (Spain), Göteborg (Sweden) were the winners of the “EU’s 2020 European Capital of Smart Tourism competition”, awarded for being the best smart cities in Europe. These will be the European capitals of smart tourism in 2020. In total, 35 cities participated in the competition, but only 10 were chosen to submit their candidacy to the European jury. Malaga and Gothenburg impressed the jury, not only because they excelled in all the categories of the competition (Accessibility, sustainability, digitisation, cultural heritage and creativity) but also because of the programmes they intend to implement in 2020. These two cities will be able to implement their own programmes and inspire other cities. The European Capital of Smart Tourism initiative was proposed by the European Commission with the aim of:

  • To increase the attractiveness of European cities.
  • Promote the rich tourism offer of European countries.
  • To strengthen the innovative development generated by tourism in cities.
  • Strengthen economic growth and job creation.